Patriots and Falcons Super Bowl memorabilia went on sale as soon as the teams won their way into the big game.

Here's FOX's Chris Foster, on where a lot of the official stuff comes from:

Winfcraft based in Winona, Minnesota makes dozens of products every Super Bowl, like lanyards, stickers, coolers, hand and beach towels, working out different designs ahead of time, whichever teams get in:

(Schipper) "Super Bowl always starts for us back in September. What we do is we start putting out plans together, we put our graphics together, deciding which new products we have, which products we might want to take out."

Dave Schipper's a vice president at Winfcraft.

He says the company's pennants are the big thing:

(Schipper) "Because what happens is, everybody remembers what happened with the pennant. The pennant is a sport icon that collects history."

Their merchandising relationship with the National Football League goes back 50 years.

Chris Foster, FOX News.