"It's what we had to do. There is no doubt about it. We just had a hearing about a month ago where we had the chief of Border Patrol and the deputy chief of border patrol and I just asked them point blank, do we have enough fencing, no. does fencing work, yes. Should we build more, yes. Fencing actually works. Now you have to worry about tunnels and other situations on our southern border...but we have to secure our border, that's what this President ran on and personally glad to see he is starting to work on it right away... we have never committed on a bi-partisan fashion to secure our border, we finally have a president committed to doing so we are starting to move on it."

---Senator Ron Johnson on President Trump ordering construction of the border wall

Chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), spoke with Kilmeade & Friends about the executive orders President Donald Trump signed yesterday, including authorizing the Keystone & the Dakota access pipelines. Johnson also discussed the President taking the first step in building the border wall, implementing "extreme vetting" of refugees from terror hot spots in the Middle East, the cultural problem in the Secret Service and how the business experience of the President and his cabinet members are an asset.

Plus, Senator Johnson on his call for the Senate to work 24/7 on repealing President Obama's executive orders.

Listen here:

Listen here:

Johnson on President Trump implementing "extreme vetting" for refugees coming from terror hot spots in the Middle East

(JOHNSON) it makes common sense and I think the vast majority of Americans agree with that. It's not an outright ban, it's not necessarily long term but it's giving this administration the chance to review the policies for the past administration and let's face it, across the board, whether we are taking about domestic policy or international affairs have been a disaster. The world is in greater turmoil, I would say America is less secure and safe after 8 years of the Obama Administration so let's give this Administration a chance to form an administration, let's get Democrat senators allowing votes on more cabinet appointees so he can start filling out the rest of his administration so he can start governing.

Johnson on how the business background of President Trump and his cabinet are an asset

(JOHNSON) It's a different perspective coming from the private sector, you have to accomplish things all the time, you have to get results day in and day out and we are seeing a President here, it's unbelievable how energetic and his level of activity since the election. He hasn't taken days off, the guy is constantly in motion and I think that is a good thing and by the way, his cabinet picks also come from the private sector, they are accomplished, competent, they're intelligent people, they know the subject matter. I think even Democrats have been impressed with their capabilities on the witness stand in most cases. So you're going to have a bunch of people used to accomplishing things and getting results and that's exactly how you affect change the American people voted for on November 8th.

Johnson on President Trump and congress undoing President Obama's executive orders

(JOHNSON) First of all executive orders were enacted with a stroke of a pen and they can be eliminated with the stroke of a pen. Other regulations, midnight regulations the ones just implemented within a certain time frame can be removed with congressional review action, that's why I have the call for the Senate going 24/7 to make sure we don't leave any of those regulations that could be overturned with the Congressional Review Act un-repealed... There is an awful lot this administration can do, there is an awful lot this congress can do to start repairing the damage of the Obama Administration and I for one am very happy to see a president very active trying to repair that damage as soon as possible.