Having a hard time keeping to your New Year’s resolution because of your partner?

FOX’s Ashley Papa has some answers for you on her “FOX on Love”:

How’s that New Year’s resolution working out? More importantly, how’s it impacting your relationship?

Psychotherapist and relationship expert, Dr. Mike Dow, says sometimes setting new goals can set even the strongest relationships up for disaster:

(Dr. Dow) “All of a sudden, you have this goal, and maybe you are resenting your partner because you really want to lose three pounds this year and even though you’ve changed your ways, your partner isn’t and you feel like he or she is sabotaging you every step of the way.”

Dow says often couples will agree on a resolution together, even if one partner isn’t “all in” or maybe one person doesn’t approve of their partner’s new goal. Both can also cause resentment:

(Dr. Dow) “If you actually really custom tailor your resolution-get really specific, that it can really help you to both achieve what is important to you in the way that you need it.”

Dow says if you can both figure out to support each other’s new goals and not derail them, your relationship will probably end up stronger in the new year.

With FOX¬†on Love, I’m Ashley Papa.

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