"What I can tell you is this is a speech that is going to lay out his vision for what he wants to accomplish over the next four years...Mr. Trump has been intimately involved in this. This is by far the biggest speech of his life and he has made a number of big speeches. This is the most important day of his life. What I think Donald Trump is really looking forward to is not Friday, the swearing in, because that's the pomp and circumstance, the formal succession of power from one president to the next. Donald Trump is ready to sit behind that desk and work on behalf of the American people. He is ready to rescind those executive orders that don't make any sense, he is ready to cut taxes, he is ready to repeal and replace Obamacare."

--- Corey Lewandowski on what to expect from President-elect Trump's inauguration speech

Corey Lewandowski, former Campaign Manager To President-elect Donald Trump, sat down with Brian in Washington D.C. to discuss President-elect Trump's inauguration tomorrow, being a part of the campaign from the very beginning, why Trump's low approval rating before he takes office is not a concern and the need for both parties, especially the democrats who are boycotting the inauguration, to help bring America together.

Lewandowski also spoke about the cordial conversations Donald Trump has had with President Obama and gave a preview of what to expect from the President-elect's inauguration speech on Friday.

Listen here:

Lewandowski on the growing number of democrats who will be boycotting Trump's inauguration

(Lewandowski) Why can't we bring the country together, even for the briefest period of time? And what I don't understand is, what message are thee democrat congressmen giving to their constituents back home? We don't want to work with the President, we don't want his help until something happens then they are going to call and say can you help us and you know what he is going to say, he wants to help everybody. And what I don't understand is, what value does it create and how does it help your districts back home boycotting the incoming President of the United States? I don't understand how it helps the constituents or the American people.

Lewandowski on the conversations President Obama & President-elect Trump have had

(Lewandowski) Mr. Trump is now part of what is the most exclusive club in the world which is the club of Presidents of the United States of America that are still alive and he understand the weight of the position he is about to take and knowing that, I don't care who you are, nobody is prepared to take over that office until you have sat in that chair behind the desk and you have to make a decision that is not just going to affect you but is going to affect our country and the world in very real time. From what I understand, his conversations with President Obama have been very cordial, they have been very forthright and the President has shared with him the gravity of the positon he is about to embark on and the serious nature of it and Donald Trump is prepared for this.

Lewandowski on how Donald Trump has changed from election day

(Lewandowski) I have seen the transformation just from Election Day until now. The people he has met with, the people he is bringing together to unite the country whether it's Kayne West or Jim Brown or Steve Harvey or whoever it may be, he has brought these people in and said look, I want to work with you, I know you didn't support me, but you know what, it's bigger than just me, its bigger than just you, it's about the country. Work with me so we can help everybody.