Every parent has their own way to cure a crying baby: a pacifier, their favorite toy, but one Denver couple has an odd solution: watching football.

FOX's Alex Hein has the story in today's "Housecall for Health":

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Any tired new parent can tell you the tricks and trades they've picked up along the way to help soothe a crying baby, but for longtime Broncos fans Laura and Bryan Catron, getting their baby Lola to stop crying has meant putting aside their Denver pride.

Little Lola, who has already undergone two heart surgeries in her three months of life, will only stop crying to watch the Cowboys take the field. Laura said the family's has watched so much football recently that she feels like other parents whose children got hooked on the hit Disney movie 'Frozen'.

Bryan said the soothing effect of the Cowboys is instantaneous, and it doesn't matter if its on a laptop, phone or television.

When Bryan and Laura tried to get her to watch the Steelers or the Browns, little Lola kept right on crying.

Though they'd much rather her root for the Broncos, they said her happiness is worth the agony of rooting for Dallas.

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