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One of the stars of 'Nashville' is happy that the shows success has opened up another door for him.

FOX's Ashley Dvorkin has more:

I'm Ashley Dvorkin with your FOX Celebrity Profile.

Charles Esten plays 'Deacon Claybourne' on the newly returned series 'Nashville' now airing on CMT, but he's also very busy these days with his own music even releasing a single a week on his website!:

(Esten) "I'm real fortunate through the role of Deacon to get this fan base of people that follow me and watch me once a week. So I thought if they watch once a week maybe they'd like to hear me once a week and it's been a whole lot of fun, the reaction on social media."

Esten performs around the city of Nashville and he thanks his TV alter ego for it:

(Esten) "For me, Deacon has allowed me this sort of side door into this unbelievable world of Nashville that for me as soon as I got there it was like coming home to a place I'd never been before and to get to stand on stage at places like the Grand Ole Opry, the Ryman Auditorium, or to get to sit in the round at the Bluebird, as I said none of that is lost on me."


See for the latest on his music, the show and performance dates.

Ashley Dvorkin, FOX News.

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