In India, a prankster is in trouble with police over Internet videos in which he kisses unsuspecting females in the street.

FOX's Alastair Wanklyn in the Asia Bureau:

"Excuse me one minute!"

The videos show a prankster approaching unsuspecting female victims:

"I am sorry!"

Apologizing, and then... kissing them on the cheek. He then runs away.

The gentle assaults generating fierce criticism in India, where activists say sex assaults often go unpunished. Recent cases of gang rape and murder have prompted street protests, and this month revelers reported being groped in a crowd on New Year's Eve in the city of Bangalore.

As for the YouTuber, who goes by the name Crazy Sumit, police are investigating. He says he's sorry, deleting the videos and saying he never meant to hurt anyone.

In the Asia Bureau, Alastair Wanklyn, FOX News.