"There's some lessons for the President-elect, soon to be President in here, Eisenhower would say less is more and words matter from the Oval Office." ---Bret Baier on the lessons President-elect Trump can learn from President Eisenhower

Bret Baier, the host of Fox News' Special Report, joined Kilmeade & Friends to discuss the news of the day and his new book "Three Days In January - Dwight Eisenhower's Final Mission" which details President Dwight D. Eisenhower's final address to the nation where he warned about the "unwarranted influence by the Military Industrial Complex" before President John F. Kennedy took office.

Bret spoke about how President Eisenhower was able to work across party lines on various issues including deficit reduction and investing in our nation's infrastructure. Bret also talked about President Eisenhower's biggest regret when it came to dealing with Russia, how the relationship between Eisenhower and President John F. Kennedy evolved to where Kennedy sought out Eisenhower's advice during the Cuban Missile Crisis as well as the parallels between what Eisenhower faced and what lies ahead for President-elect Trump.

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