Star of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' is looking for a new gig in the gaming industry and a beloved but controversial series is getting a sequel.

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Actor and former pro football player Terry Crews is looking for a job. Crews also known as the wacky pitch man for Old Spice deodorants, has been using his social media in a attempt to voice one of the expected characters in Overwatch Doomfist:

Even going to developer Blizzard's offices and getting a tour. Fans are sure the character is a major power in the games universe, but not  sure if they will be a hero or a villain.
Crews getting some backing from fans of the game, including Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson tweeting out:

'Mass Effect: Andromeda' getting a release date after debuting a gameplay trailer at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas:

Maker Bioware announced the release as March 21, 2017. The space RPG sequel will be the first on the PC and Console since 2012's 'Mass Effect 3'.
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