Nobody wins all the time, but do your kids know that? Sparing their feelings now could set up tougher lessons later.

FOX's Lisa Brady reports:

Whether it's basketball or monopoly, it's so tempting to let your kids win. But what does that teach them?:

(Schweikert) "Sometimes you lose and so it's really important for children to learn how to lose well."

Mother of four and Lightbridge Academy President Gigi Schweikert isn't a fan of getting a trophy just for showing up:

(Schweikert) "What we're seeing now as a result of that is we have millenials who are showing up at the workplace and who are saying okay, I'm here. I deserve a raise or I'm here, where's my promotion?"

Schweikert says young children need to practice winning so they can feel safe to lose, but age 11 and up should be able to cope with knowing your best doesn't always win.

And losing doesn't mean you stop trying:

(Schweikert) "If people have invested in you, your teachers, your coaches, your parents and even later on bosses, your motivation needs to be there, you need to try no matter what."

She says encourage your kids to take pride in the effort, find joy in healthy competition and strive for excellence, not perfection.

With FOX on Family, I'm Lisa Brady.

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