'Sleepy Hollow' on FOX welcomes a new member to their team.

FOX's Ashley Dvorkin reports: 

I'm Ashley Dvorkin with your FOX Celebrity Profile.

Actress Janina Gavankar is the new member of the 'Sleepy Hollow' and admits she really studied up before stepping on the set!:

(Gavankar) "It's very complicated especially with it's twistery, we take history and we twist it around so I had to learn all of it before I showed up."

She adds this will be a different chapter for Ichabod Crane:

(Gavankar) "When you rejoin Sleepy Hollow, Crane has actually landed himself in D.C. and I'm a DHS agent and I'm working on a case and that's where I meet him. He's a weirdo and suddenly I have to deal with him and we have to solve this case together so you will find us in the district of Columbia."

Of course having the show set in D.C. certainly adds to the story:

(Gavankar) "We have so much mythology that has to do with the founding fathers, in fact we shot there in D.C. and walking around and thinking about the mythology that we've created as well as the real history that's embedded in the culture it's like a perfect intersection."

Season 4 of 'Sleepy Hollow' premieres Friday on FOX!

Ashley Dvorkin, FOX News.

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