Rep Steve King: Ethics Reform Failed In The House Because Republicans caved Into Trump’s Tweet

“I like Lindsey, he has the best sense of humor of anybody in the entire legislature, but I completely disagree with him on that. Lindsey should know, and I believe Lindsey knows, that you get one shot at writing the rules for the two year period of time that this 115th Congress will be seated, that was the shot. I will say it would have been handled better if we had bi-partisan agreement and it would have been handled better if we bought it to the floor as an amendment under an open rule so we had an opportunity to massage these rules….but it’s a political situation now, as ethics always are, and they caved into a tweet.”

—Rep Steve King reacts to Senator Lindsey Graham calling the House ethics reform bill the “dumbest friggin thing I’ve ever heard”.

Congressman Steve King (R-IA) called into Kilmeade & Friends to explain why he feels the GOP controlled House of Representatives lost out on an opportunity to reform the House Ethics Committee when they “caved into a tweet” by Donald Trump. King believes the Ethics rules need to be changed to give the accused the right to face their accuser, something that is not required under current rules. However, King said republicans should have been negotiating with democrats for a bipartisan solution on ethics reform. King also discussed introducing his bill to repeal Obamacare and the need to bring replacements to Obamacare— one package at a time to be signed by President Elect Trump—instead of doing it all at once the way Nancy Pelosi and the democrats did when they passed the health care law behind closed doors.

Plus, King revealed republicans haven’t felt this optimistic to start a new year since Ronald Reagan was elected president.

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