A controversial video game developer running for office and developers are looking to bring more women into the burgeoning competitive gaming scene.

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39-year-old game developer Brianna Wu has announced she's running for Congress. The Democrat from Massachusetts has been harassed online as part of the 2014 "gamergate scandal", a campaign of harassment against women in the gaming industry.

She plans to fight for women's and privacy rights, in 2015, she spoke about diversity at Inspirefest:

(Wu) "I have opinions about the way that women are raced, bullied, belittled and not taken seriously."

The New England state has nine seats and she has not announced who she will challenge.

Professional competitive gaming is inviting more women to compete in Esports competitions. especially since the rise or maybe, instead, the industry finally noticing women gamers. The number one woman in competitive gaming is Sasha Scarlett Hostyn, who has made over $160,000 in earnings over her career.

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