The nation's largest city is also one of the safest big cities, in terms of violent crime.

FOX's Chris Foster reports from New York City:

(de Blasio) "The year 2016, the fewest ever overall major crimes in New York City."

The announcement from New York's mayor Bill de Blasio.

Shootings, down 12 percent last year with 335 murders:

(O'Neill) "Reduced number of murders yet again, and the absolute lowest numbers of shootings in New York City since modern record keeping began."

Police commissioner James O'Neill.

The mayor, giving credit to precision policing and cooperation with citizens in the most violent neighborhoods:

(de Blasio) "Crimes are being stopped before they happen because the focus is on the right people and the right places and the information is there coming from so many neighborhood residents who are working in deeper partnership with the NYPD." 

In New York, Chris Foster, FOX News.