"He's got to stop tweeting. I think he is right when he says never tell the enemy what you won't do, don't necessarily tell them what you are going to do, that's why the tweets aren't a good idea."

---Oliver North on why President Elect Trump should stop tweeting

Fox News Military Analyst & host of War Stories, Lt. Col. Oliver North (Ret) stopped by Kilmeade & Friends to discuss the Obama Administration making the transition to President Elect Trump more difficult than if should be, the dangers of releasing more prisoners from GITMO, President Obama never understanding the threat of radical Islam and mishandling the war on terror during his presidency, Russian President Vladimir Putin wanting to come to the table from a position of strength when Donald Trump becomes president, and why he feels Trump needs to stop tweeting.

Plus, North promotes the latest episode of 'War Stories: Fighting Isis In The Battle For Mosul" airing Sunday at 8 PM/ET.

Don't miss the premiere of the "War Stories" podcast January 8th on iTunes.

Watch here:

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