A 100-year-old recipe brought Campbell's in touch with its roots.

FOX's Carole Zimmer reports: 

Big food companies like Campbell have been feeling the pressure to re-invent themselves and make simple healthier foods. That has also changed the way supermarkets arrange their shelves.

Items on the side of stores where fresh meats and vegetables are found have been selling well. While aisles filled with more processed foods are not ringing up sales.

Sarah Rice is Campbell's archivist:

(Rice) "Families have a lot different tastes and also needs. So I think it's finding that sweet spot between convenience and then also real food, nutritious food that their family likes to eat."

Recently, Campbell found its original beefsteak tomato soup recipe from 1915. The company made 10,000 jars of it, which helped Campbell connect with its roots:

(Campbell Commercial) "Campbell's um um good possibilities"

Rice says the company used to feature 200 different products:

(Rice) "Everything from ketchup and mustard, salad dressings, pie fillings, canned and preserved fruits and vegetables... That was really what we were known for."

These days Campbell's has had to pay a lot of attention to taking artificial ingredients out of its food. Campbell's says it's research shows that nearly 70 percent of adults say that fresh is the most important thing to them.

I'm Carole Zimmer.

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