The holidays are great, but could you spend too much time with your significant other during them? What are some good ways to have some "alone time". And what do you do if your partner gets you a gift you aren't really a fan of?

FOX's Ashley Papa has a Christmas edition of "FOX on Love":

The holidays are about family and friends and lets be honest, the gifts and all that time off! But this can be overwhelming for many couples. Like, how do you deal with a bad gift from your sweetie?

Relationship expert, Cathryn Mora, says remember that popular, old saying:

(Mora) "The positive body language and kind words are still really important, because as much as you hate it, that old adage of it being, 'the thought that counts', is really true, so your negative reaction will hurt the person."

Since many couples will be off for the week, some may feel suffocated with all the "quality time" together.

Mora says to make sure you both get alone time:

(Mora) "You could suggest spending time alone or with friends. So if you want to be alone you can say maybe, I want to take some time to think about my personal goals for next year. Why don't I go out today and sit and have coffee on my own and then we'll reconnect later for a really nice dinner."

The holidays are about peace and love after all.

With FOX on Love and a Merry Christmas, I'm Ashley Papa.

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