We've all been there before, trying to pack clothes and get last minute things a couple days before your vacation. That can cause a bit of stress when a couple is trying to plan together. So how can you avoid arguments?

FOX's Ashley Papa has this week's "FOX on Love":

It's a busy travel time, and couples jetting off for the holidays may face some unwanted stress. Lines, delays, cancellations, these common occurrences can sour even the strongest relationships.

Avoid coming back from your romantic getaway as enemies by first, planning ahead, says communications officer at Ocean Club Resorts in Turks and Caicos, Julia Maximo:

(Maximo) "Packing and a to do list, and this can be done seven to 10 days prior to the trip. Doing just a few things each day such as taking the suitcases out, putting aside clothes, toiletries, will limit what needs to be done the day before."

You and your sweetie made it to your destination and had the vacation of your dreams. Since that romantic-paradise experience won't last once you get home, Maximo says to plan for some post-vacation-depression:

(Maximo) "I would recommend journaling when it is fresh on your mind. Plan to get together with family and friends to share photos and highlights of the trip." 

Maximo says go online and review the hotels and restaurants you both enjoyed. This will keep those romantic memories from fading.

With FOX on Love, I'm Ashley Papa.

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