The holiday season can be a magical time for kids, but also a challenging time for parents trying to keep it safe.

FOX's Lisa Brady with some tips and tricks to keep your kids danger-free this holiday season in today's "FOX on Family":

'Tis the season for festive fun. But leftover holiday spirits can be hazardous to kids:

(Hoekstra) "Having all of those drinks set out and then calling it a night and having the party end and not cleaning up after the party; oftentimes we have children who are early risers."

Injury prevention specialist Jennifer Hoekstra at Helen Devos Children's Hospital in Michigan, says a small amount left in a beer bottle or wine glass can affect a small child quickly, dropping blood sugar and leading to potentially severe reactions. So clean up right away.

She also recommends a room with a door for coats and purses, not an open pile, in case guests have prescriptions:

(Hoekstra) "So we know that no young children, as well as no teenagers, are gonna be getting into medications that aren't intended for them."

Hoekstra also says some decorations, including flameless candles, have button batteries, easy to swallow:

(Hoekstra) "Within as little as two hours that button battery can begin burning a hole in a child's esophagus."

So make sure you know how high kids can reach.

With FOX on Family, I'm Lisa Brady.

Hoekstra also says be sure the Christmas tree is in a secure stand and that a live tree is kept watered. Also double check the lights for broken pieces or shorts in the chord to avoid a fire hazard. She also recommends avoiding long table decorations that can be pulled down and suggests giving children something they are allowed to play with or explore to help keep them away from what they're not supposed to touch.