One less contender for Secretary of State in the Trump administration. Rudy Giuliani tells FOX News that he has removed his name from consideration.

FOX's Malini Wilkes has the latest from Washington:

The former New York mayor admits it's the only Cabinet post he wanted. He will not be Secretary of State, but he thinks he can play a bigger role on the outside:

(Giuliani) "The whole thing was becoming kind of very confusing and very difficult for the President-elect."

In a statement, President-elect Donald Trump said, "Rudy Guiliani would have been an outstanding Cabinet member."

Giuliani says he withdrew his name November 29, but Trump's team didn't accept his letter right away.

Of the remaining candidates, Giuliani says he wouldn't select Mitt Romney, one of Mr. Trump's harshest critics before the election:

(Giuliani) "My advice would be, Mitt went just a little a little too far."

In Washington, Malini Wilkes, FOX News.

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