What keeps you up at night? A new study says if you drink a lot of soda that could be one reason causing you to toss and turn.

FOX's Alex Hein has the details in "Housecall For Health":

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It may seem like an obvious link, but a new study suggests that adults who sleep five hours or less per night are more likely to be heavy soda drinkers than those who get more rest.

With soda as the main source of added sugar in the American diet, it's not surprise that soda, and a lack of sleep, are both independently associated with obesity. Sugar-sweetened beverages are also linked to rising rates of heart disease and diabetes.

In a survey of 19,000 adults, the poor sleepers consumed 21 percent more sugar sweetened drinks than adults who got a healthy seven to eight hours per night. The main association was caffeinated non-diet sodas.

What's more, is that compared to heavier sleepers, those who reported no more than five hours of shut eye were more likely to smoke or be sedentary. They were also more likely to have chronic health issues.

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