Could your favorite cheese improve your health?

FOX's Alex Hein weighs-in with your "Housecall for Health":

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Are you a cheesehead? Do you find a helping of fresh grated Parmesan to be irresistable? Well, there's good news for you, a recent study published in the Journal Nature Medicine reported that eating cheese, specifically the aged kind containing the compound spermidine, was linked to a longer life in mammals.

The study focused on 800 Italians and found that those who had more cheese had lower blood pressure, a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and 40 percent lower risk of heart failure. Diets often include cheese to promote heart benefits as well as anti-hypertension properties.

But before you reach for the cheese whiz, keep in mind eating everything in moderation is more beneficial than overdoing it.

There's also been a study linking an intake of cheese to a heightened risk of breast cancer, lympoid cancers and lung cancer.

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