You might be surprised when you sit down at the dinner table on Thanksgiving to eat.

FOX's Monica Rix explains:

This year Americans are experimenting more with the traditional Thanksgiving menu. Think less turkey, more tofu.

In fact, over the past several years, experts say sales of tofu, ham, and vegetables, like kale, have increased here in the U.S. around Thanksgiving, while sales of whole turkeys have fallen.

Last year, Americans bought nearly 270 million pounds of turkey during Thanksgiving week, that was down from about 305 million in 2011.

And shoppers want more prepared foods or foods that are partially-prepared. Millennials leading that trend.

But whatever you decide, there is some good news, the American Farm Bureau Federation reports Thanksgiving dinner will cost about 24-cents less than last year's meal.

Monica Rix, FOX News.

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