Host of The Kelly File Megyn Kelly joined Kilmeade and Friends today to talk about her new book "Settle for More." Megyn discusses her upbringing, how her father's death while she was in high school shaped her, how she got her break in journalism and what the title of the book means. Be sure to pick up a copy of Settle for More, out now!

Megyn Kelly on what was harder to do, write the book or talk about it with other media outlets:

The writing of it was actually kind of enjoyable, it was kind of cathartic so I enjoyed that. The last week you know when I sort of unveiled the book and went on a media promotion tour was bizarre because the beginning half of the week of course all the outside media wanted to focus on Trump and our former boss, and those are not my favorite chapters of the book only because obviously the Ailes thing is obvious but the Trump stuff has gotten spun by some in the media to be sort of a hit on Trump, and it's not at all. It just documents what happened between the two of us and we actually wound up in a good place but some people spun it a little differently.

On how she finally decided to "settle for more":

I was succeeding on paper, Brian. I had gotten myself an amazing law job at this great firm and I was getting wonderful assignments and big raises and bonuses and so on. It's very hard to admit to yourself that you're unhappy when you're making money, when you're getting positive reviews, when others who are above you on the totem pole are saying good things to you about your performance, but sometimes you smack head first into that brick wall of unhappiness and you have no choice but to admit it to yourself that you're just not happy. One night I was sitting on that couch watching a midnight rerun of Oprah and Dr. Phil said on her show the only difference between you and someone you envy is you settled for less. And I just, you know I resolved in that moment that I could settle for more that I didn't have to live my life the way I had been living it I could just make better choices for myself and perhaps find happiness.