In a papal document marking the end of the year of mercy Pope Francis calls for priests to forgive more, including the sin of abortion and calls on all to fight indifference in the face of those who suffer.

FOX's Courtney Walsh reports from the Vatican:

We must not simply stand by and do nothing in the face of suffering, wrote Pope Francis in his Apostolic letter.

In the letter the Pope also granted priests the right to absolve the sin of what he has called "the horrendous crime" of abortion, extending temporary measures in place for the jubilee year of mercy that ended Sunday.

We need to fight the extreme forms individualism in our society, which has lead to a "loss of a sense of solidarity and responsibility for others", the Pope wrote.

Yesterday following the closing the holy doors of St. Peters symbolizing the end of the jubilee year, Pope Francis reiterated his call for an inclusive church that does not shut its doors on anyone.

At the Vatican, Courtney Walsh, FOX News.