FOX News Radio Special: Anti-Social Media

How do you survive in the age of social media? Are you addicted to your cellphone and apps? As technology continues to advance, are we becoming more anti-social? Cyber-bullying has increased and many people are now using social media to attack celebrities.

There are many pros to social media as well, including connecting with distant family members and friends. Social media also allows you to get your small business out there and raise awareness to diseases and allows us to help others out when they are in need.

FOX’s Carley Shimkus, Krystin Goodwin, Tonya J. Powers, Jessica Rosenthal, Lisa Brady, Rachel Sutherland, Michelle Pollino, Simon Owen, Eben Brown, Steve Rappoport and Hank Weinbloom discuss these topics and more in the one-hour FOX News Radio Special “Anti-Social Media”:


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