Donald Trump's pick to be National Security Advisor has drawn the ire from critics, but one former U.S. special operations soldier says Flynn knows how to pull people in.

FOX's Lucas Tomlinson has more from the Pentagon:

A former U.S. military special operator who worked with retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn in Iraq and Afghanistan tells FOX that Flynn is one of the most accomplished wartime professionals in the past 20 years.

And called him a great team builder who helped transform the intelligence community to dismantle terrorist networks. He called Flynn's strategy in Iraq targeting top insurgent leaders the "unblinking eye".

Flynn's troubles in Washington as director of Defense Intelligence Agency came from bureaucrats who resisted change, the operator told FOX, what's happening overseas has not come back to D.C., he said Human Rights Watch has called Flynn's appointment deeply disturbing.

At the Pentagon Lucas Tomlinson, FOX News.

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