Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), the U.S. Representative serving Ohio’s 4th district, joined Kilmeade and Friends today to discuss President-elect Donald Trump’s latest picks for his administration, and his choice not to challenge Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House.

Rep. Jordan on Trump naming Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General and Rep. Mike Pompeo for CIA director:

I think it’s a great pick. You know General Flynn as well, and then Mike Pompeo is a good friend of ours in the House. Mike and I worked on the Benghazi committee together, in fact we did a separate report, an additional report that Mr. Pompeo and I worked on together. So I’m really excited for Mike heading up the intelligence agency as well, so I think some good picks. And then look, Donald Trump won last week in an amazing election. I think he should get the opportunity to pick who he thinks is going to best accomplish the mission and mandate he got from the American people and they seem like great picks to me.

Rep. Jordan on if it was a hard decision for him not to challenge Paul Ryan as Speaker:

No look, this is not about Paul Ryan, not about Donald Trump necessarily, not about certain personnel. This is about the American people and doing what they sent us to Washington to do and I think they best way to do that is for Republicans to come together and just get after our task, get after our job. Which is securing the border, which is making sure trade deals are done with America’s best interest in mind, which is making sure Obamacare gets repealed, making sure we have equal treatment under the law, not this double standard that now exists in the Justice Department, so Jeff Sessions goes over there, Senator Sessions goes to the Justice Department, you will now see equal treatment under the law. Not special treatment for politically-connected people like Secretary Clinton. That is a hallmark of our country and those are things we have to get about fixing, not about who’s doing what, it’s about the American people and what they sent us to do.