If you can't beat 'em, laugh at yourself.

FOX's Chris Hoenig reports:

Tom Brady showing a sense of humor about the whole Deflategate debacle in a new ad for Foot Locker.

In the commercial, two guys question how the store can consistently offer great deals during its 'week of greatness' sale, before Brady interrupts:

(Brady) "Just because something's great year after year, doesn't mean anything is going on. Why can't some things just be great?"

(Man) "It is just a question."

(Brady) "It starts with questions and then questions turn into assumptions and then assumptions turn into vacations. So why would you punish the week of greatness for something that never even happened?"

Brady's vacation comment a joke about his vacation to Italy during his four-game suspension to start this season.

Chris Hoenig, FOX News.

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Check out the Foot Locker commercial below: