Ty Herndon has a new album. The Cadillac Three's plays a sold out European Tour and Dierks Bentley plays a show at Nashville's Lower Broadway.

FOX's Jacquelyn Karl has this week's "FOX Country":

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Ty Herndon came out as gay, but didn't make a record about it. Herndon saying halfway through making his "House on Fire" album, he realized he wasn't singing about men or women, but about people. Adding a lot of die-hard country fans have stuck with him. 

The Cadillac Three's in the middle of another sold out tour in Europe, telling CMT News the thought of a tragedy like the one in Paris crosses their minds, but it's important not to give those thoughts any power. Their "Black Roses Tour" starting Jan. 19 and tickets on sale Nov. 18.

Dierks Bentley thought it'd be cool to do a show in Nashville's Lower Broadway, according to The Tennessean, Bentley played for 300 people at Legends Monday, saying he "just wanted to go back to a time when he had no money and just played for the love of music."

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