Having family members that suffer from heart disease doesn't necessarily mean you will have the same fate.

FOX's Alex Hein explains:

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While family history of heart disease is considered a determining factor for your own risk, clean living can help better your odds even if your genes are stacked against you.

This new study has found the opposite is also true. Eating a bunch of junk and indulging in unhealthy habits can ruin the benefits of good genes.

The study was discussed at an American Heart Association conference and explored four studies that included imaging to check for plaque and building up in heart arteries.

Participants were checked for 50 genes related to heart risks and sorted into three groups by healthy lifestyle factors. People with the most gene risk had nearly twice the chance of developing heart problems than people in the lowest gene risk group did, while the same was true for those in the unfavorable lifestyle group versus the favorable one.

A healthy lifestyle also mitigated the damage from flawed genes, suggesting that putting in the work can yield serious results.

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