A group of veterans in Mississippi are keeping history alive.

FOX's Willie James Inman reports from Jackson:

A ship commissioned over 70 years ago is kept alive by Veterans and volunteers. The USS LST 325 landed at Omaha Beach in Normandy on D-Day in 1944. 

Jack Stephenson is a WWII veteran and current crew member:

(Stephenson) "Out of 1,051 of these built in WWII, this is the only one left."

Supporters say it's important to keep the legacy alive. Volunteer Bob Kubota has a family connection to the war. His father, a Japanese-American, was placed in a internment camp and later drafted serving as a Master Sergeant:

(Kubota) "The younger generation I think needs to recognize, you know, the sacrifice, the effort that the older generation, including my dad, that they put into WWII."

In Jackson, Mississippi, Willie James Inman, FOX News.

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