The dust is still settling from a historic election. And all of that dust might make your kids nervous.

FOX's Lisa Brady reports:

It would be hard for kids not to notice things are a little tense in the wake of the election, so no matter how you voted, they may feel anxious or frightened of sudden change.

Pediatric psychologist Dr. Brittany Barber Garcia says it can help to tell them what's not changing:

(Dr. Garcia) "Our family is still going to be here. We're still going to be doing the same things every day; our normal life is going to continue as it always has."

And that nothing will happen overnight:

(Dr. Garcia) "Providing that reassurance that no one person has that much power in a democracy."

But while emphasizing stability at home be mindful of your own reactions:

(Dr. Garcia) "It's important for parents to remember that children are definitely going to pay attention to the emotions and the behaviors that they see their parents exhibiting."

That doesn't mean you have to hide emotion from your kids:

(Dr. Garcia) "You want to be up front with them and real and honest about your own reactions."

But in a way that's appropriate for them. She also recommends making sure older kids know home's a safe place to process their reactions and an emphasis on moving forward.

With FOX on Family, I'm Lisa Brady.

Dr. Brittany Barber Garcia is a pediatric psychologist with Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids.