Some NBA Head Coaches Aren’t Pleased with Election Outcome

There is mixed reaction in Hollywood and around the sports world over President-elect Donald Trump.

FOX’s Jared Max covers the sports angle on the election results:

As American citizens digest the result of a most unpredictable presidential election, the sports world has contributed a loud voice in response. Some positive, some negative. Much talk about the need to unify our nation, regardless of which side Americans voted on. 

Basketball Hall of Famer Charles Barkley weighed in Thursday night on TNT:

(Barkley) “We got to move on, he’s going to be the President of the United States. We have to respect the office and we have to give him a chance.”

While Barkley is portraying a role of diplomacy, two head coaches in the NBA remain befuddled by the election result:

(Van Gundy) “I have been ashamed of a lot of things that have happened in this country. Can’t say I’ve ever been been ashamed of our country until today.”

Like Detroit Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy, Golden State’s Steve Kerr has not come around to the point of Barkley’s view:

(Kerr) “Watching the last debate, Trump would make a crack at Clinton and you could hear the stands… Ooooh… like Ooohh no he didn’t, yo… yeah he did.. yeah this is a Presidential election, it’s not the Jerry Springer Show. I wish him well, I hope he’s a good President, I have no idea what kind of President he’ll be.”

The sports world can be a voice for change or as Charles Barkley noted at least to accept and embrace it:

(Barkley) “Everything he said in the past, that’s water under the bridge. And we have to support him cause he’s the President of the United State of America.”

Jared Max, FOX News.

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