You got lucky and fell in love after your first date, that's great. But what happens if falling in love too fast leads to dissappointment?

FOX's Ashley Papa has this week's "FOX on Love":

Love at first sight, it's a romantic idea, but then there are times where falling in love too fast seems like you're rushing into things.

So, is falling in love quickly a good or bad thing? Relationship expert, Marni Battista, says both, but it depends on the person:

(Battista) "So they have come to a place in their life where they're self-confident, they know what they want, they're not looking for a Jerry McGuire, "you complete me". They're wanting a partner to add to their life."

Battista says, when this happens, you're both able to be yourself and grow together. However, falling in love too fast can lead some to disappointment:

(Battista) "I think when it goes wrong is when you're sort of in that, trying to get over somebody else, if it's a rebound relationship, if it's hard for you to simply be alone and so the next person who treats you reasonably well you decide you're in love with them."

While we may argue over the reality of love at first sight, perhaps we should care more if it'll lead to "happily ever after".

With FOX on Love, I'm Ashley Papa.

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