World’s Wildlife Continues to Decrease in Staggering Numbers

    Talk of a mass extinction as a report claims a dramatic drop in the world’s wildlife populations.

    FOX’s Simon Owen reports from London:

    From salamanders in the United States, to elephants in Tanzania, researchers here in London saying the world’s wildlife populations have more than halved since 1970:

    (Sohl) “This report gives us a very serious wake-up call.”

    Heather Sohl, with the World Wildlife Fund, saying that if current trends continue:

    (Sohl) “We could be seeing the first mass extinction since the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.”

    The researchers blaming human activity, not least our growing numbers. The report saying deforestation, over-consumption and pollution all have an impact, along with climate change.

    In London, Simon Owen, FOX News.

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