Banning Homework Nationwide

Most kids would probably love a ban on homework. But does that new trend go too far?

FOX’s Lisa Brady has this week’s “FOX on Family”:

In a growing number of schools, it’s a kids’ dream come true as homework is banned:

(Dr. Bulach) “Many teachers give homework because they want to improve test scores. Well, it often has the opposite effect, because motivation is the key to test scores.”

Dr. Clete Bulach, former teacher, principal and school superintendent, says homework can sap enthusiasm for learning. But he also says what’s being taught should be reinforced:

(Dr. Bulach) “Properly done homework’s okay.”

So instead of an outright ban, he favors limits:

(Dr. Bulach) “The best policy for middle and high school is only one teacher can send homework home each day.”

Only 15-to-20 minutes worth. In elementary school, also one assignment, and only for grades three and up.

Bulach had students grade their own, first thing next day, to better understand corrections. He also argues homework bans take control and flexibility away from teachers, but says what’s most effective for kids is time to practice new lessons in class before they go home.

With FOX on Family, I’m Lisa Brady.

Clete Bulach is also a father of five. His doctorate is in education administration, social psychology and curriculum. Based on his own research of schools, he co-wrote two books on enhancing school climate and culture. The second edition is ‘Creating a Culture for High-Performing Schools: A Comprehensive Approach to School Reform, Dropout Prevention and Bullying Behavior.’