Falling in love on Broadway.

FOX's Jane Metzler on one couple's long-running romance:


FOX on Stage, I'm Jane Metzler.

She's performed for Presidents... He makes sure those on stage are set and boy met girl on Broadway.

When the former U.S.C. opera major and Colorado native was called East for the diva rolein "Phantom of the Opera":

(Amerling) "She's the best singer I know and I know a lot."


New York rocker turned props supervisor, Victor Amerling says Rebecca Eichenberger's looks and talent turned his head and at 6'5 he's hard to miss, his jokes offstage won her over:

(Amerling) "Guy goes for his yearly physical..."

(Eichenberger) "What I think is unique about our situation is that, A: we've lasted and B: that we both happen to be on Broadway after all these years."

The couple just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, their vows back then might have read, through roles in "Ragtime", "Evita", "An American in Paris" and overseeing the launch of every Disney production since the "Lion King".

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