GOP nominee Donald Trump is blaming the media for what he says will be a “rigged” election.

FOX’s Tonya J. Powers reports, his running mate talked about that on the Sunday shows:

“Rigged”, that’s the word Donald Trump has used to accuse the media of playing favorites among the candidates.

His running mate, governor Mike Pence, on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” called the national media “biased”, but:

(Pence) “We will absolutely accept the results of the election.”

Pence also agreed with Trump on ‘CBS’s Face the Nation’:

(Pence) “The Democrat party and many of you in the media, are working together to prevent the kind of change the American people are longing to see of a more prosperous America.”

Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine told FOX news Sunday he’s said it would be a close campaign from the “very beginning”.

Clinton and Trump will debate one more time on Wednesday night in Las Vegas, moderated by FOX’s Chris Wallace, at 9 o’clock Eastern.

Tonya J. Powers, FOX News.

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