Jon Meacham, Pulitzer Prize winner and author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Bush 41 biography Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush joined Kilmeade and Friends today to discuss the presidential election. Meacham, who also wrote a book about Thomas Jefferson,  answered the question of whether we've had salacious and contentious elections before this cycle. Meacham said:

It started with the first contested election in 1796... In '96 Adams and Jefferson face off. Federalist newspapers in New England wrote articles saying you could have John Adams and God or Jefferson and no God-- so that has been with us since the beginning. Jefferson referred to the Federalists not as a basket of deplorables, but as a hospital of incurables. So as Mark Twain once said, 'history may not repeat itself but it does rhyme.'

Regarding the Bush family not supporting the Republican nominee in this election:

The Bush's have been part of American political life since 1952 when Prescott Bush, Bush 41's father, Bush 43's grandfather, became a United States senator from Connecticut, so for almost 70 years there's been a Bush in office or around the highest office in the land. I think even their most vociferous opponents would say that the 12 years of the Bush rule, if you will, in the country, was at least dignified and maintained a certain tone that's been shattered by the current campaign. And I think it's pretty clear that Bush 41 is going to cast his first vote ever for a Democrat, and for a man who was chairman of the Republican National Committee, Ronald Reagan's Vice President, and President of the United States, that tells you something. 

When Brian Kilmeade asked if Meacham could confirm Bush 41 would not be voting for Donald Trump, Meacham said he was "almost 100% certain" and, that he is "confident in saying that certainly at this hour Bush 41 will be voting for Secretary Clinton."

Listen to the full interview below: