A foreign leader caught looking for a Pikachu while government was in session and the designers of 'Overwatch' continue to make changes to the game.

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It isn't a secret in Norway that prime minister Erna Solberg loves Pokémon GO in Slovokia recently she spoke to Norway's TV-2:

(Soldberg through a translator) "It is certainly nice when one gets rare Pokémon." 

And during a debate in Parliament, she was caught playing, but she isn't taking too much guff for it. Earlier in the year, a politician from an opposing party was caught doing the same thing during a security meeting.

(Courtesy of Overwatch)
(Courtesy of Overwatch)

Lead Developer Jeff Kaplan of Blizzards hit game 'Overwatch' announcing two new characters are close to being released and a third is being worked on as well as multiple new maps and game modes.

The biggest announcement though, a rework for an underused character:

(Kaplan) "We are looking at Symmetra, I realize it might not be as quick as you would like for changes, but she is definitely on our list."

He said some of the ideas are early in development and may be dropped, or changed along the way so fans shouldn't be married to any ideas.

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One of the close to release Overwatch characters, will likely be the highly secretive Sombra.