Presidential Candidates are Keeping a Close Eye on Hurricane Matthew

The Presidential candidates are watching a potentially devastating storm that’s expected to strike the east coast of Florida tonight and tomorrow.

FOX’s Rachel Sutherland reports from Washington:

Republican Donald Trump, who’s expansive Mar-a-Lago Club is in the potential path of Hurricane Matthew, tweeted that he’s hoping the hurricane dissipates, but is praying for everyone in Florida.

Running mate Mike Pence spoke to Fox and Friends about the people in the path of storm:

(Pence) ”Every American should keep them in our hearts and our prayers and also look for ways to support efforts like the Red Cross.”

Democrat Hillary Clinton tweeted that she’s urging everyone to evacuate if you’re told to. As for Mar-a-Lago, the “Palm Beach Daily News” reports the main building’s wall are three-feet thick and has weathered a number of severe storms.

In Washington, Rachel Sutherland, FOX News.

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