Creepy Clowns Continue to Appear Around the Country

    Those creepy clowns, real and fake are popping up all over the country.

    FOX’s Gary Baumgarten reports: 

    Here are some of the latest sightings:

    Two teenage boys are arrested in New Jersey for driving around and yelling at people while wearing clown masks.

    Concord, California, cops say a person dressed in a clown suit tried to abduct a baby girl. Cops in Lancaster, California, say clowns carrying kitchen knives have been terrorizing pedestrians.

    Police say a clown touched and growled at a woman in Fredricksburg, Virginia.

    And in Detroit, an armed clown is being sought in a string of robberies. The list goes on and on.

    Police say some of these events are pranks. But some are real crimes and are being taking seriously.

    Gary Baumgarten, FOX News.

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