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The first and only Vice Presidential debate has come to a close. So who won?

FOX's Jon Decker reports: 

In the spin room following the debate, surrogates for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump agreed that the Vice Presidential debate will unlikely have a major impact on the state of the presidential race.

Republican Indiana Governor Mike Pence had a calm debating style that focused on policy differences between Clinton and Trump.

And although Democratic Virginia Senator Tim Kaine frequently interrupted Pence, Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook was pleased with his performance:

(Mook) "He stood up for their platform. He defended Secretary Clinton's record against relentless attacks from Mike Pence, that's what they said they would do. And so the ticket came out whole."

Mook argued that Pence made little effort to rebut Kaine's near constant attacks on Trump. But many pundits and commentators praised Pence for his measured approach.

Jon Decker, FOX News.

VP Debate Part 2: 

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