Pope Francis Says It’s Important to Respect the LGBTQ Community

    Pope Francis says all homosexuals and transsexuals should be respected, but that teaching children gender theory- the idea that you can choose your own sex- in schools is not acceptable.

    FOX’s Courtney Walsh reports from the Vatican:

    Pope Francis on the plane back from a three day trip to Georgia and Azerbeijan said that teaching children gender theory in schools is ”an insidious indoctrination.”

    It’s one thing to have homosexual tendencies or a sex change, he said, but trying to ‘change attitudes of children in schools’ is a kind of ”ideological colonization”.

    But on how to deal with homosexuals and trans, the Pope repeated that they should be welcomed, accepted, integrated and accompanied in their faith- just as Jesus would have done.

    At the Vatican, Courtney Walsh, FOX News.