Flu Season Is Here! Get Your Shot!

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    The flu can be deadly, so health officials across the U.S. are urging people again to protect their families by getting flu shots.

    FOX’s Lisa Brady reports:

    October is the start of flu season, so health officials are urging everyone six months and older to get a flu shot, but usually less than half U.S. population does:

    (Dr. McGee) “Well, I think the important thing to remember is that the flu shot does not give you the flu; that’s a common misconception that occurs and it really doesn’t. It provides you protection against what can be a very serious illness.”

    Dr. Daniel McGee at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Michigan says it’s especially important for the young, the elderly and pregnant women.

    And getting the shot one year isn’t enough, because the virus changes:

    (Dr. McGee) “So every year the vaccine is reformulated in hopes of matching what is going to be in the community in that year.”

    Last year’s shot, about 65% effective, not so much for the nasal vaccine:

    (Dr. McGee) “Last year at best it was prevented about 3% of cases.”

    So he no longer recommends the nasal version, but Dr. McGee does recommend flu shots for the whole family as soon as possible for maximum protection.

    With FOX on Family, I’m Lisa Brady.