Mom Knows Best: Instinct Saves Her Baby’s Life

A mothers instinct saves her sons life.

FOX’s Dr. Sapna Parikh has the story in this “Housecall for Health”:

This is Housecall for Health.

A Georgia mother’s instinct saved her son’s life. Soon after Benji was born in late 2015, his mother Pheobe knew something was wrong with his breathing, it was too fast.

She says nurses reassured her that it’s normal for babies to breathe fast and slow, it’s called periodic breathing, but Phoebe tells FOX 5 Atlanta she was still worried:

(Harrington) “He was breathing extremely fast over a 100 times per minute, it was like was running a marathon.”

Tests revealed a hole in Benji’s heart between the two main chambers, a ventricular septal defect or VSD.

That hole causes blood to flow in the wrong direction and little Benji was working so hard just to stay alive. When he was only three months old, doctors performed open heart surgery, repairing the hole in his tiny heart that merely the size of a small strawberry.

Now almost a year old, Benji’s mother says he’s breathing better, smiling and thriving.

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