Orlando authorities are making public transcripts of the conversations police had with the Pulse Nightclub gunman while attempting to negotiate a release of hostages during this past summer's attack that left 49 victims dead.

FOX's Eben Brown reports from Miami:

'Call me Mjuahideen' is how Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen told a hostage negotiator with Orlando's police department to address him.

Transcripts released today show how frustrated at times Mateen could be, in the midst of his onslaught at the nightclub, which caters to an LGBT clientele, causing many to believe this Jihadist attack was also targeting LGBT persons.

But Mateen mentions motivations, specifically the U.S. airstrike in Iraq that killed an ISIS commander. He even refers to deceased Boston marathon bomber Tamarlan Tsarnaev as "his homeboy."

In Miami, Eben Brown, FOX News.

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