For parents, the school year can feel like a mad dash of deadlines, activities and paperwork. So how do you keep it all straight?

FOX's Lisa Brady reports:

School starts and the chaos begins, so many things to remember:

(Schweikert) "We are going to send our child to school wearing blue on orange day. We are going to forget lunch when you were supposed to pack it. We are going to forget field trips."

So the number one rule for getting organized from mother or four and Lightbridge Academy President Gigi Schweikert, is let go of the guilt.

Number two: don't let those permission slips pile up:

(Schweikert) "I believe in a do the paperwork as it comes mentality."

For any papers you need to save, keep a folder or basket for each child and maybe larger baskets for all the other stuff:

(Schweikert) "You can put them anywhere you want in your house, and my children as they came in from school, that's where they were to deposit their backpacks, lunch boxes, sports equipment."

So they know where everything is. And to keep track of where everyone needs to go, something easy to see that you can update each week.

But no matter how hectic is gets, Schweikert says try to stay positive about school so the kids will, too.

With FOX on Family, I'm Lisa Brady.

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Schweikert also says having the right information helps to stay organized, so don't assume what's being said at the bus stop or the baseball game is correct; check with the school or the teacher on any given issue.