A baby is saved by strangers from being a hot car casualty.

FOX's Lilian Woo reports:

Sarah Mazzone meant to do some shopping, but ended up helping rescue an infant. The schoolteacher was in the parking lot of a Howell, New Jersey, shopping center when she found a screaming baby under a blanket in a locked car with the windows up.

Outside temperatures in the upper 80's and the child was clearly in distress, sweating, her eyes rolled back according to another shopper Steve Eckel, who joined Mazzone in trying to save the four-month-old.

He managed to use a sledgehammer from his car to smash a window and get the child out. They carried her into an air conditioned store to cool off and the child's mother, who was asking where her child was when she returned to the car after being gone for about 40 minutes, has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

Lilian Woo, FOX News.

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